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On Line Booking of Squash Courts

Court fees are £3 (£1.50 per adult player) or £1 (£0.50 per junior player) for 50 mins (peak time), 60mins (non-peak)
Courts are booked via the Payne Automation XML2020 electronic On-line Booking System, comprising:
i) Kiosk (PC in squash courts corridor) - Key Fob or Login ID+password to book courts, view court bookings
ii) On-line - Access via this website to: Book courts, view court bookings, credit member's account
iii) Courtside Controller (Display in squash courts corridor) - Key Fob to activate lights, extend court booking
iv) Tablet (PC tablet in Clubhouse bar) - Key Fob to credit member's account
Book On-Line
Credit is required on member's account before courts can be booked
To access the booking system on-line click on:
Web Browser link (PC/mac from 15/7/18):

Mobile link (tablet/smartphone from 15/7/18):
Book at the Court
Courts can be booked from the Kiosk (PC in squash courts entrance)
Credit is required on member's account before courts can be booked
A personal Key Fob (required to activate lights) can be purchased from the Bar (£5)
Register Key Fob at the Kiosk before use
Pay On-Line
Credit can be purchased via the On-line Booking System - click on "Topup via Paypal", note:
i) Payment can actually be made either by member's personal Paypal account or by credit/debit card
ii) There is an administration charge eg 88p on a £20 topup
iii) Member's account is credited in less than one hour, typically within 30 seconds
iv) Member receives an email confirming payment
Pay at the Bar
Credit can be purchased behind the Bar using a combination of Key Fob & Membership Card
Booking Period
Courts can be booked 5.00am-11.40pm up to 14 days in advance
Cancelled courts refunded if another member subsequently books that court
Extra Court Time
Fob the Courtside Controller in order to activate lights (lights on automatically if opponent accepted booking)
If court free before booking, lights activate 5 minutes early (strike time)
If court free either side of booking, Fob the Court Controller for extra time:
i) either before booked game (pro-rata eg 15mins 90p)
ii) or after booked game (fixed intervals of 10 minutes 60p)
If using the On-line Booking System for the first time (eg registering key fob), see:

Guidance for booking using the kiosk (located in squash entrance) see:

Guidance for booking on-line see:

On-line Booking System algorithms are described see:
Committee Member responsible for the On-line Booking System is:
Jon Broomhall

For comparison of rival on-line booking systems, see:
Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Data Protection Act
  • Your completed Membership Application Form is delivered to Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club
  • Your bank details (for Direct Debit) are submitted directly on-line to GoCardless Ltd
  • On leaving Kings Heath Squash Club, your contact details are archived from the On-line Booking System,
    but retained in case you rejoin (any credit remaining on your account is preserved)
  • Junior Group Coaching emergency contact details are retained in case of emergency
  • Your personal information is not made available to any other organisation
  • Harmless session cookies enable the search function to operate, no personal information is ever stored
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