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Kings Heath Squash Membership Fees

Why Join?
Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club is great value - inexpensive membership with excellent squash facilities
KHC&SC is non profit making; Membership fees finance the upkeep of the club
Membership Application Form (Word .docx format)
NB Your browser may download the form rather than open Word
From 1 September 2023 there is a one-off, new Member's squash joining fee of £50
Select your Payment Plan below to initiate Direct Debit
Enter Member’s First name, Last name & Email (may be different to Name & Email of Bank Account holder)
Joint Bank Account holders do not need to tick “More than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits
Transactions appear on bank statement around the 3rd of the month as “GOCARDLESS LTD KHC&SC”
6. Multisport (inc Squash) - Aged under 18yrs £35 every year - click to setup Direct Debit
NB GoCardless "Set Up Direct Debit" - Enter the member (child) name, not the bank account holder (parent) name
Joining Fee
Pay Membership
by Direct Debit

Squash D/D
Multisport D/D
Combined sports
Family Fee
Family (2 adults & 2 children) membership discount 20%
Full fee to be paid with application
Discount is credited to membership account of the lead name (available for bar purchases)
Alternatively pay membership fee by BACS (bank account details on Members Application Form)
or pay in person at the Bar by credit card, cheque or cash
To identify your payment, download a Members Application Form above (or available from the Bar)
Complete the Members Application Form and hand in to the Bar, or email the form to
Court fees (per player) are: £0.50 (Juniors), £1.50 (Adults) - See On-Line Booking
Pay Membership
at Bar
Court Fee?
Can I just
Pay & Play?
Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club is a members-only club
You are welcome to play squash or racketball (squash 57) without joining the Club if you are:
Either a guest of a Club Member (maximum 5 visits)
Or receiving coaching from a Club Coach
Alternatively Fox Hollies Leisure Centre (B30 1JR) offers Pay & Play:
(2023: 40 mins for £10.10, 2 glass-backed, but shabby courts, no internal leagues nor Warwickshire League teams)
Non-marking footwear essential (change into indoor squash shoes before entering court)
If you are receiving coaching, then all other equipment is provided
Coaching is recommended, especially if you are new, or returning to the game
Valuable items (eg phones) are put behind the bar
Personal belongings (eg clothing) are left undisturbed for 7 days, then thrown away as waste
Members can book a court up to 2 weeks ahead - See On-Line Booking
In December, KHC&SC routinely mailshots a Membership Renewal letter to all KHC&SC members
Direct Debit payers should complete this form to confirm their membership details (eg Email) are still valid
No annual action on your Direct Debit is required - Direct Debits are managed for you, by KHC&SC
What Kit do I need?
Lost Property?
Book a Court?
Annual Renewal
How do I Leave?
1) Please notify otherwise membership is suspended if scheduled payment fails
2) Cancel D/D via your bank (or we can cancel it for you)
To rejoin, register a new Direct Debit (above) and your Booking System account (with any credit) will be reactivated

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